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Ultimate Roasted Almond Bittersweet Chocolate

Ultimate Roasted Almond Bittersweet Chocolate


Ultimate Roasted Almond Bittersweet Chocolate

The smoky, subtle taste of roasted almonds is simply unbeatable with chocolate. At Rejuvenative Foods, we always strive to make the most delicious and healthful combinations of top-quality ingredients. Ultimate Roasted Almonds Bittersweet Chocolate is for chocolate lovers who prefer a minimum of sweetness. Just a touch of honey and vanilla offset the powerful flavors of almonds, brazil nuts, and pure Peruvian cocoa. Try our almond chocolate spread in chocolate milk, chocolate cake, or an exotic mole sauce.

Ingredients: Peruvian Chocolate, Honey, Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Vanilla Beans, Health Salt.

To preserve the flavors and health compounds in organic roasted cocoa, we stone-grind small batches of beans and nibs for 30 hours to create a smooth, fine-particle spread. We do a similar process with pure vanilla beans, mixed with Brazil nuts to make "Brazilla".

We mix the pure ground chocolate with Almond butter, Brazilla, Honey, and Health Salt.

Ultimate Roasted Organic Chocolate with Almonds is a 100% organic food: sugar-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, and Gluten-free.

Ultimate Roasted Organic Chocolate with Almonds should be refrigerated to preserve freshness. All jars are individually date-marked; for best flavor, consume within 8 months.

Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts. Unlike all other nuts, almonds contain alkaline-forming proteins. This counteracts acidic body chemistry which can lead to osteoporosis, immune trouble, low energy and weight gain. Almonds are a good source of phosphorus, which helps to build and maintain strong teeth and bones. The flavonoids found in almond skins work in conjunction with Vitamin E, to protect artery walls and reduce risk of heart disease. Almonds also contain riboflavin and L-carnitine, nutrients that boost brain activity. Almonds have a favorable effect on blood cholesterol levels, and diets including almonds have been found to help prevent weight gain. Almonds also act as a buffer against sudden changes in blood sugar and insulin after meals.

Ancient Olympic athletes would eat Honey and dried figs to enhance their performance. Modern studies have verified the wisdom of this practice; Honey helps maintain glycogen levels and improves recovery time better than other sweeteners. Honey also contains flavonoids: a class of antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease.

The Brazil nut is celebrated for its rich flavor and creamy texture when ground. These delicious qualities result from the Brazil nut's high content of healthy unsaturated fat; among the highest healthy fat contents of any nut. Even small amounts of unsaturated fat in the diet can reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, leading to a healthier circulatory system. Brazil nuts are rich in vitamins including vitamin E and B-complex vitamins. Finally, Brazil nuts provide important minerals including potassium, copper, magnesium, manganese and selenium. Brazil nuts provide the highest concentration of selenium of any food. Selenium protects cells against free radicals, and is crucial to thyroid health. Selenium consumption has been strongly linked with cancer cell reduction.

Much study remains to be done on the health benefits of Vanilla. In terms of nutrition, Vanilla contains important minerals. Magnesium is vital to the health of nerves, bones, and muscles including the heart. Potassium likewise improves nerve and muscle function and plays an important role in heart health. Vanilla also contains manganese, a mineral energy-booster. Aromatherapy tests, performed at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Society, have shown that the scent of Vanilla reduces stress and improves mood.

Organic cocoa (roasted cacao) is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Magnesium helps to balance brain chemistry, build strong bones and joints, and support heart health. Organic cocoa also contains sulfur compounds that strengthen hair and nails, improve skin condition, and help to detoxify the liver. The antioxidants in chocolate help to improve circulation.

Chocolate is always an excellent "mood food". Besides the uplifting flavor, chocolate contains endorphins that create a natural "high". Chocolate also contains neurotransmitters such as serotonin and anandamide (the "bliss chemical"), which promote relaxation and feelings of well-being.


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