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raw cacao nibs and pod in bagThe Process

Our organic chocolate creation process begins by slowly stone-grinding small batches of Peruvian cocoa beans and nibs for 30 hours. Slow stone grinding results in a smooth, fine-particle, pure chocolate that is suitable for baking and cooking or melting. Our slow-ground, small batch Peruvian chocolates are ideal for any sweet chocolate use (after selecting a Chocolate Dream sweetener of your choice). Unsweetened chocolate is excellent added to any recipe or, of course, eating right out of the jar.

raw cacao nibs in grinder
raw chocolate mixing in stone grinder

Next we add only organic ingredients to our stone ground chocolate, followed by a tempering process that consists of putting the chocolate through an  array of temperatures to stabilize the molecules and minimize color change as well as to maintain a smooth sheen which sometimes dissipates over time.

We finish our Chocolate Dream tempering process in the jar, gently cooling the chocolate and preparing it for you to enjoy!

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