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Raw Unsweetened Chocolate

Raw Unsweetened Chocolate


Raw Unsweetened Chocolate

Experience the true essence of chocolate, like never before! Our unique process makes a smooth spread, with the unparalleled flavor and health benefits of 100% pure, raw organic cacao. The fine-ground spread releases flavor in a way that can't be matched even by chewing raw cacao nibs. Whether you use it to add depth and intensity to your chocolate recipes, or enjoy it straight out of the jar, there is simply nothing else like it.

The only ingredient in our Raw Unsweetened Chocolate is raw organic Peruvian cacao beans and nibs. Our process is designed to maintain the life energy of this premium raw ingredient and protect the vital nutrients and natural antioxidants found in raw cacao, while fully revealing its fantastic flavor.

To create Raw Unsweetened Chocolate, we slowly stone-grind small batches of the raw cacao in a low-temperature process that takes 30 hours. The result is a smooth, fine-particle spread with an intense chocolate flavor, suitable for baking or enjoying on its own. Our Raw Unsweetened Chocolate is completely organic, Dairy-free, GMO-free, Gluten-free, Nut-free, and Vegan.

Raw Unsweetened Chocolate should be refrigerated to preserve freshness. All jars are individually date-marked; for best flavor, consume within 8 months.

Raw cacao has all the same health benefits as cocoa (roasted cacao), but with even higher concentrations of nutrients and antioxidants. Magnesium helps to balance brain chemistry, build strong bones and joints, and support heart health. Raw cacao also contains sulfur compounds that strengthen hair and nails, improve skin condition, and help to detoxify the liver.

Raw chocolate is also an excellent "mood food". Besides the uplifting flavor, raw chocolate contains endorphins that create a natural "high". Raw chocolate also contains neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which promote relaxation and feelings of well-being.



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