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Raw Bittersweet Brazil Nut Chocolate Dream with Xylitol

Raw Bittersweet Brazil Nut Chocolate Dream with Xylitol


Raw Bittersweet Brazil Nut Chocolate Dream with Xylitol

For those who crave the intense, complex flavors of raw cacao and brazil nuts, just a tiny touch of sweetener is perfect. Our low-temperature stone-grinding process releases all the taste in raw cacao beans and nibs, while leaving them truly raw. The brazil nuts are ground in the same way, so the result is a creamy-textured spread with extremely concentrated organic nutrition and flavor. A dash of xylitol gives just a hint of clean-tasting, mellow sweetness. This is strong stuff! Use it in milkshakes, cakes, or sauces, as a decadent substitute for peanut butter, or enjoy straight from the jar.

Ingredients: Organic raw cacao, organic Brazil nuts, and birch tree Xylitol. To preserve the flavors and health compounds in raw cacao, we stone-grind small batches of beans and nibs for 30 hours to create a smooth, fine-particle spread. Then we mix the freshly ground chocolate with our own Rejuvenative brazil nut butter, and sweeten it with xylitol. Xylitol, an organic product derived from birch sap, allows for natural sweetness without sugar. Raw Bittersweet Brazil Nut Chocolate Dream with Xylitol is a "treegan" product, which means all ingredients come from trees. Raw Bittersweet Brazil Nut Chocolate Dream with Xylitol is a 100% vegan organic food: sugar-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, and Gluten-free. Raw Bittersweet Brazil Nut Chocolate Dream with Xylitol should be refrigerated to preserve freshness. All jars are individually date-marked; for best flavor, consume within 8 months.

Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener which can be derived from many sources including corn husks, mushrooms and berries. We use an organic Xylitol product derived from birch sap. Xylitol is a "sugar alcohol" which is about as sweet as sucrose, but with 1/3 less calories and a much lower glycemic index. Unlike sugar, Xylitol does not ferment. Xylitol does not promote tooth decay or bacterial growth; in fact, a diet high in Xylitol has proven benefits for dental health. Xylitol can actually "starve" harmful bacteria! (Note that Rejuvenative Foods' products do not contain enough xylitol to produce this effect.)

Because of its low glycemic index, Xylitol is safe for consumption by some diabetic patients with poor sugar tolerance. If you are diabetic, confirm with your doctor that chocolate with Xylitol is a good choice for you.

The Brazil nut is celebrated for its rich flavor and creamy texture when ground. These delicious qualities result from the Brazil nut's high content of healthy unsaturated fat; among the highest healthy fat contents of any nut. Even small amounts of unsaturated fat in the diet can reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, leading to a healthier circulatory system. Brazil nuts are rich in vitamins including vitamin E and B-complex vitamins. Finally, Brazil nuts provide important minerals including potassium, copper, magnesium, manganese and selenium. Brazil nuts provide the highest concentration of selenium of any food. Selenium protects cells against free radicals, and is crucial to thyroid health. Selenium consumption has been strongly linked with cancer cell reduction. Raw cacao has all the same health benefits as cocoa (roasted cacao), but with even higher concentrations of nutrients and antioxidants. Magnesium helps to balance brain chemistry, build strong bones and joints, reduce risks of diabetes and hypertension, and support heart health.

Raw cacao also contains sulfur compounds that strengthen hair and nails, improve skin condition, and help to detoxify the liver. The antioxidants in raw cacao help to improve circulation and regulate heartbeat and blood pressure, leading to reduced risk of stroke or heart attack.

Raw chocolate is also an excellent "mood food". Besides the uplifting flavor, raw chocolate contains endorphins that create a natural "high". Raw chocolate also contains neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which promote relaxation and feelings of well-being.


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