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About Chocolate Dream

Chocolate Dream varieties shown with Vitamix and fresh organic fruitsWhen I was a kid I had a powerful sweet tooth. I ate sugary foods every day and always wanted more. At age 18, I was told I had hypoglycemia and would have to give up sugar. I began to substitute honey for my sweet cravings, and my health improved. I discovered that honey triggers the hypoglycemia less than sugar.

This experience inspired me to care more about what foods I was consuming. I began to study the connections between diet, health, and longevity. Early on, I found out that eating raw cultured vegetables correlates with long life.

So in 1982 I created Rejuvenative Foods to produce raw cultured vegetables for people in the natural foods market.

Chocolate Dream warmed and drizzled on fresh organic fruitMeanwhile, like everyone else, I still loved chocolate. I wanted to eat chocolate without sugar, so we experimented with honey-sweetened chocolate. Rejuvenative Foods began selling honey-sweetened chocolate in the 80's. Although it was very difficult to produce a consistent-quality product with the equipment available at the time. We worked with a company that made chocolate bars, and the machinery just wasn't well suited to working with honey-sweetened chocolate. Without very laborious and tricky manual control, small variations in temperature tended to produce bars which, while perfectly delicious, appeared discolored or rough on the surface. We had a similar experience working with cocoa butter. It was possible to produce good product, but it was difficult and there was too much risk of wasting our high-quality ingredients.

Eventually, we bought a chocolate melter with precision temperature control, which enabled us to achieve a consistent "temper" or finish on our chocolate products. Then some years later we bought a stone grinder for cocoa beans, so we can fresh grind our own chocolate. We worked out how to make chocolate from both raw and roasted cocoa beans (I personally prefer chocolate from the roasted cocoa bean, but raw cocoa has its own savor which some prefer, besides offering antioxidant benefits). We also discovered that some of our customers would appreciate healthful sweeteners other than honey, so we began to include products with these sweeteners. We temper the chocolate in our melter, and then package the chocolate in jars.

Pure and fresh from our kitchen to yours. We hope you'll enjoy our Chocolate Dream and other Rejuvenative Foods in good health!

Evan Richards
Founder, Rejuvenative Foods

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